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[cdt-dev] Minimal C/C++ compiler in toolchain to serve scanner config

Hi all,

For my CMake plugin, I need an idea how to solve to following problem:

In plugin.xml, I defined a toolchain with builder, a tool called cmake and a 
build configuration.  The actual compiler and its options  is handled by 
cmake, so CDT does not need too many details about compiler itself. 

Unfortunately I cannot use the GCC Built-in Settings scanner as long as I do 
not add a C/C++ Compiler to the toolchain, that is derived from 
cdt.managedbuilder.tool.gnu.[c,cpp].compiler. But when I do, I get lot of 
compiler settings offered in "Project properties->C/C++ Build->Settings", like 
Dialect, Preprocessor, Includes, Optimization ... These settings are very 
confusing for the user, because they have no effect as the compiler settings 
are handled by CMake.

How can I hide the C/C++ Build->Settings options of the base GNU compiler in 
my toolchain?
Or is there a way to provide my compiler in plugin.xml as tool in the 
toolchain, that has no options, but will play together with the GNU C/C++ 
Built-In Settings detector?

Any ideas welcome...

Thank you in advance

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