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[cdt-dev] CDT Summit minutes

Hi all,

We had a great CDT Summit at EclipseCon last Monday.  With 18 attendees including 8 committers, the day was very technical and project-oriented.  It allowed us to discuss important topics and propose some decisions.  The day was packed from beginning to end. 

Below is a quick overview of the discussions (most details are omitted).
Full minutes at:

There may be separate mails sent out in the coming days to follow-up on some proposals that should be presented to the list.

Please don't hesitate to ask for clarifications.

Thanks to all who made this possible.


* Move to Java 8 for CDT 8.8, right after the summer release of Mars.
-> Need to verify API tooling support (e.g., handling of default methods)

* 9.0 release (API breaking) for summer 2016 (Mars+1)
** List of changes that should be looked at:
** Proposed strategy using two branches: master (for CDT 8.8 and 8.9) and APIBreak_9_0
*** Keep *merging* master into APIBreak_9_0 to keep the two aligned until after CDT 8.9

* Oomph demo: setting up Eclipse for CDT development in a few clicks
** Marc-Andre gave a nice demo.  Super easy to use!

* CDT Debugger RCP product on top of the Standalone debugger
** Separate download than the CDT itself

* org.eclipse.remote and CDT: description and usage for CDT

* TM Terminals discussions

* Launchbar demo and discussions

* Toolchains: quick discussions on LLDB, Clang, Visual Studio

* Content assist setting for auto-completion: try to reduce delay internally to see.  Platform is going to 0.

* JUnit on verify build (or any HIPP CDT builds): different suggestions to try to reduce build time

* FindBugs: should be enabled, but can we live with extra 20 minutes of build time? More discussions needed

* Cameo appearance by Alex Blewitt to demo Error Reporting tool from Mars. Important especially for committers.

* Next gathering: Elena will see if Blackberry can hold a day of presentations around CDT

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