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[cdt-dev] CDT Summit minutes

Hi all,

we had a great CDT Summit last Thursday at EclipseCon, with passionate discussions and interesting proposals.
Thank you to all attendees.
Minutes have been posted at: 

Please forgive me if I omitted anything and feel free to update appropriately.

- 25 attendees from 14 companies
- 7 CDT Committers present as well as 3 Linux Tools committers
- Topics
	o E4 and backwards-compatibility
	o Java 7
	o Advertising new CDT features
	o Launching
	o Remote projects

- E4
  o CDT 8.2 (Kepler) will not use any E4 APIs to keep compatibility with 3.x.
  o CDT will not commit to supporting 3.x as a platform for the CDT 8.2 release.
  o For the future CDT release (Luna), the decision with regards to using E4 APIs is not taken yet. 
    It will be discussed further after the Kepler release.
- Java
  o CDT 8.2 (Kepler) will run on Java 6
  o No decision to move to Java 7 for the next release at this time.

Obviously, since only a subset of the community was present, the above decisions can be re-opened if anyone feels they should.

Thanks again


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