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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT8.4 + 8.5 - all debug buttons become disabled

I think it would be helpful if you confirmed Liviu's latest findings.
The problem is triggered by plugin:
The idea would be to remove just that plugin and see if the
problem disappears.

Since the plugin is part of a larger feature that we don't want to 
remove, I only found a way to remove it by using the osgi console.

0- make a copy of your installation as we will modify it
1- start eclipse from a shell with the -console flag (this flag should go 
before the -vmargs flag if you use it)
2- when eclipse prompts you for a workspace, don't select one right away
but instead go back to the console where you will see an "osgi>" prompt
3- type 'ss' (not quotes) to get the list of plugins.  Find the one above and
remember its id e.g. 386
4- type 'uninstall 386'
5- then select your workspace and let eclipse start
6- the problem, hopefully will no longer happen

Thanks for offering to do this.


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> Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] CDT8.4 + 8.5 - all debug buttons become disabled
> Hi.
> I'am a new in Eclipse and try to debug my software. I have got same problem:
> disabled buttons in Debug toolbar, like in first post from Derek Morris-2.
> My configuration:
> Win7 64
> Eclipse Luna
> CDT8.5
> GNU Arm Plug-in
> C/C++ GDB Hardware Debugging
> OpenOCD
> I have stable bug with disabled buttons - and after restart Eclipse, and after
> creating new workspace, and after creating new debug configuration, and after
> reboot windows. But I can set breakpoints and can use "Run to Line" option in
> context menu - it works.
> Interesting what after I have started work with this configuration, I a have seen
> enabled buttons and it works sometimes after restart Eclipse, but now it
> breaking permanently and buttons are grayed.
> Now I try a new release Eclipse Mars, but problem remains.
> Can I help with debug this annoying bug and how?

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