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Re: [cdt-dev] Native dependencies in CDT ecosystem

> I just added to p2 a mechanism that allows IUs to express dependencies
> on native packages. This information is used during the installation to
> present the user with a dialog indicating which native packages are
> required (see attached screenshot) -- p2 does not trigger the
> installation automatically.

I think this is some interesting work!

I'm just wondering what your thoughts would be in using something like
PackageKit in querying/installing native dependencies. The advantage
would be that it's present on many Linux distros, and that calling it
would bring up the native authentication dialogs for performing the
actual install.

One case I've seen is of having some project and upon building, getting
errors about missing system headers/libaries, but not being sure what
package provides those things. In Fedora we tried addressing this with a
plugin to scrape relevant info from logs/console and query the system
with PackageKit (through DBus) for possible solutions.

It would be interesting if there was a way to do this through p2
touchpoints  but it seems like keeping the user profile in sync with
system state would be tricky.

Roland Grunberg

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