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[cdt-dev] Native dependencies in CDT ecosystem


I just added to p2 a mechanism that allows IUs to express dependencies on native packages. This information is used during the installation to present the user with a dialog indicating which native packages are required (see attached screenshot) -- p2 does not trigger the installation automatically.

Given that this work has been done mostly for the C/C++ ecosystem, I would like to know on a per plug-in basis all the native dependencies in use in the CDT ecosystem so I can prepare a patch leveraging this new feature.

Two questions you may have:
- Why is this new support not documented widely? Because it is recent (this week I build) but also because even though the p2 side is complete, tycho still needs to consume a new version of p2 for builds to not fail during product installation - Which distros are supported? At this point only debian is supported. Adding support for other distros should be as easy as creating a couple shell scripts, patches welcome.

This work has been sponsored by Ericsson.


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