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[cdt-dev] P2 Update site and CDT versionning

I need to patch a CDT plugin to be able to install a feature I have developed for CDT. Unfortunately it is quite an headache since for every CDT release a new patch feature need to be created. The developed feature need to include the patch feature as well and is exported to a P2 update repository. For each CDT release a new P2 update site is created and a new version of the feature with the new CDT patch is exported. So far so good.


Now out of curiosity I tried to import the developed feature from the P2 update repository created for Eclipse Luna into Eclipse Juno and the feature was displayed within the Eclipse Install Available Software Dialog. Of course any attempt to install the feature fail since the P2 manager cannot resolve the appropriate plugin version dependencies.


The question I have is:  it is possible to put some kind of info into the P2 metadata to prevent any display of the feature within the Eclipse Install dialog if the P2 update site doesn’t match the Eclipse release version for which it was build?




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