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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT8.4 + 8.5 - all debug buttons become disabled

On 16 Oct 2014, at 17:29, Marc Khouzam <marc.khouzam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> .. I'm not familiar with the "GNU ARM Eclipse plug-in" so I don't know what it
> does on top of CDT and if the problem would be in CDT or not.

Basically it starts the GDB server before the GDB client, and sends some "mon" commands during the initialisation phase.

> Enablement of buttons is driven by the IRunControl DSF service (canResume(), canSuspend(), canStep())
> If you can verify if these methods return what is expected and if not, why, it would be a good step forward.

I checked my plug-ins and I do not override any of them.   

> Derek Morris <dmsubs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, we don't use the GNU ARM Eclipse plugin, so it cannot be that. I am pretty convinced it is something in base CDT.

I am also convinced it is in CDT, either in the base plug-ins, or rather in the GDB related plug-ins, or even in the Hardware GDB plug-ins. 

It was introduced with Luna, Kepler SR2 is fine.



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