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Re: [cdt-dev] Are catchpoints supported?

Thanks everybody for the answers.
I will look into this and let you know how I resolved the issue.



On 22/09/2014 11:23 AM, Marc Khouzam wrote:
That's really cool!

We have a couple of similar, but not identical situations:

1- When we trace an app using GDB Tracepoints and enable visualizing the results,
all the run control buttons get disabled.  This is triggered by sending a DSF-GDB event:
ITraceRecordSelectedChangedDMEvent.  Maybe you can use that same event.

2- Post Mortem debug session (looking at a core file or trace file) where
the user can never step/resume/interrupt, so all those buttons are disabled.
This is more of a static state that is triggered from the start of the launch.

3- when we get an MI *running event we mark the thread as running and
disable step/resume/next; however, 'suspend' gets enabled.

Of course, if you are willing to extend DSF-GDB then it should be quite easy to add extra conditions
that for the enablement of those buttons.  This is done in the IRunControl service using
but even more easily, you can extend the existing service to simply turn off all the run control buttons
as we do for Tracing and Post Mortem.

Feel free to ask for clarifications :)

Now, about stepping backwards, we already have support for that so you may be able to make use of it:

Good luck!


P.S. For some reasons, some images are not showing on the wiki.  Maybe due to the recent wiki upgrade.
I will look into that.
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Subject: [cdt-dev] Are catchpoints supported?


I'm using the CDT debugger as a tool to step through the execution trace
of a program (the execution trace is generated by a tool called CBMC
[1]). I've interfaced this execution trace with CDT this by creating my
own MI-frontend so CDT believes that it is talking to GDB :) At this
point all is good. You can see it at

Now what I'm trying to understand is whether there is a mechanism in CDT
that would help me signal to the user that the end of the trace has been
reached and thus disable the "next / step" related buttons. Note that I
don't want to stop the execution of the program because eventually I
would like to offer the ability for the user to "step back".
Do you have any suggestion? Would the concept of catchpoints supported
by MI [2] be of any help?



[1] -
[2] -
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