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[cdt-dev] The indexer left me speechless

There is time when you know that you need to give credit to people who make the CDT such a great feature for us C/C++ developers. For many years I worked with C/C++ projects that had complex templates that left the indexer baffled with ton of syntax issues. However hard I tried to setup and resolve the include files I was never able to get rid of them. Now I had to skip the Kepler release and went straight from Juno to Luna last week. And lo and behold all the syntax issues were gone. I never have had such a pleasant experience using the indexer feature to move between code and definition. I was left speechless as I opened files after files trying to have the indexer fail without success which was really easy previously with complex template.


The guys who made this happen should receive a big hug. Really…


Thanks guys for the great indexer experience.


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