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Re: [cdt-dev] Are catchpoints supported?

I¹m not sure catchpoints signal when the program has reached the end of
runnable statements. I¹m not sure even gdb tracks that. We terminate when
the operating system says the process has exited.

Sounds like you want some sort of new MI event to trigger the debug
session in DSF to go into a special state. Sounds like a lot of work given
our architectural problems with DSF/GDB that Volodya has brought up
recently. But we should be able to handle that.


On 2014-09-20, 6:41 PM, "Pascal Rapicault" <pascal@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I'm using the CDT debugger as a tool to step through the execution trace
>of a program (the execution trace is generated by a tool called CBMC
>[1]). I've interfaced this execution trace with CDT this by creating my
>own MI-frontend so CDT believes that it is talking to GDB :) At this
>point all is good. You can see it at
>Now what I'm trying to understand is whether there is a mechanism in CDT
>that would help me signal to the user that the end of the trace has been
>reached and thus disable the "next / step" related buttons. Note that I
>don't want to stop the execution of the program because eventually I
>would like to offer the ability for the user to "step back".
>Do you have any suggestion? Would the concept of catchpoints supported
>by MI [2] be of any help?
>[1] -
>[2] - 
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