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[cdt-dev] Release update site naming


with us doing minor release with the SRs, the naming of our update site has become unclear.
We used to use the release train name (e.g. )
but then we moved to CDT's version (

After thinking about it and going back and forth on the two options, I would like to recommend using
the release train name again.  So, all releases matching the Luna release train would be under 

There are a couple of reasons why I'm leaning that way:

1- from what we see from users reporting bugs is that they say "I'm using eclipse Luna", 
     I never see people reporting "I'm running CDT 8.4".  Actual users are aware of the full
     Eclipse release and don't know the details about individual CDT releases

2- a single update site name for the three CDT releases matching Luna will allow users to
    more easily find updates when they move to Luna's SRs.

Any objections or comments?  We have to update a p2.inf file with that name, so we need to agree on
something by Monday.



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