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[cdt-dev] Support inline assembly syntax for SDCC in Eclipse CDT

Hi guys!
Currently I’m writing on a Plug-in for Eclipse which uses the SDCC Plug-in as well as the TCF Agent Plug-in.
The problem I’m having is that the SDCC compiler allows assembly syntax in C functions which looks something like this:
void test()
  mov eax, 1
  mov ebx, 2
  ; and so on ..
The problem is, that Eclipse (or CDT) recognizes that this is not calid C/C++ syntax and complains by underlining the whole assembly code.
Now my question:
Is it somehow possible to A) Tell Eclipse/CDT to ignore everything between __asm and __endasm; or even B) Tell Eclipse/CDT to check the syntax for valid assembly syntax between __asm and __endasm;?
Is there an easy way to do this?
Best regards and thanks for any help,

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