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Re: [cdt-dev] Customizing debug hierarchy and LaunchVMAdapter

This is exactly what I was hoping to figure out.  I've posted an example that extends DSF-GDB.
This is how I got things to work, but this is my first try at actually extending it.

I also had a lot of trouble extending GdbAdapterFactory.

I was hoping others could provide feedback on what Vladimir is describing below to see
if there is a better way as of now.

>From what I tried, we are good at extending the DSF services and handling GDB versions,
but we need to improve on allowing extension of the view model.

Vladimir seems to have experienced the same results.

Anyone else?

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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Customizing debug hierarchy and LaunchVMAdapter
> I'm trying to customize the object hierarchy displayed in debug view (for a
> target that does not really have threads, and does not have quite standard
> frames), and it looks like I need to customize GDBViewModelAdapter to
> create a customized version of LaunchVMAdapter. But,
> GDBViewModelAdapter is hardcoded inside
> GdbAdapterFactory.SessionAdapterSet and GdbAdapterFactory itself is
> internal class, so there's a lot of hoops to jump through.
> And then, LaunchVMProvider does not make it easy to change the type of a
> particular node, and ContainerVMNode or ThreadVMNode have fairly
> monolithic createLabelProvider.
> Am I missing something, or the overall design is presently not very suited for
> custom debug hierarchy? Is there any work to improve that, or thoughts how
> it's best done?
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