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Re: [cdt-dev] 8.5 RC3 joint testing

And... done.

Between Marc D, Alvaro, William and myself, we were able to run the tests (mostly Debug)
on Linux and a some on Windows. Sorry for those that missed their chance to help ;)
Like I said, it only takes a couple of hours if we team up.

More tests could be done on Windows, and some on Mac if someone has the time.

What I would like even more though is to see tests added for other parts of CDT that are not covered
by our automated test suites.

Please be careful of what you put in cdt_8_5 as the final build will be Monday.

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> Subject: [cdt-dev] 8.5 RC3 joint testing
> Hi all,
> we're a little bit behind on our official joint testing effort for 8.5 but better
> late than never.
> The public document can be found at:
> m5JN0Y3N0wxQS1kRHBETkE&usp=sharing
> (from page
> Those that can spend a couple of hours on this, just put your name next to
> the testcases you will run.
> Also, feel free to add testcases that you suggest, you may find someone
> willing to help run them.
> You can install our latest build from:
> We have one week until RC4 (our final build for the release) so if we are to fix
> any issue that may come up, we should start testing very soon.
> Please report any issues you find.
> Thanks!
> Marc
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