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[cdt-dev] New Launch Bar change request

Hey gang,

I’ve submitted my long awaited (at least by me) update to the Launch Bar. It is here:

The change is pretty massive but represents a nice simplification of the model. The API is almost complete. I’ve marked deprecated things I may change. The main things left is to complete work on delaying plug-in loading of extensions until the launch objects and launch targets they support become available. I also have to do some work to support renaming of those things to make sure we don’t lose track of them.

I’ve also adapted the great unit test work for the launch bar manager that Elena started to the new APIs. I had a lot of fun working with Mockito to stub out platform dependencies, and then Eclemma for checking the code coverage of the tests (launched through the Launch Bar, BTW, very nice). There are still a few more tests to bring over and add to maximize coverage there.

I have adapted the Arduino plug-ins I’m building for Wascana to the new APIs. Once the check-in is compete, I’ll submit that as well so you can see an example of how the launch bar can be used.

Please provide any feedback to so we can make this thing great (and API frozen) for the 8.6 M1 build in December.


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