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[cdt-dev] [Scanner Discovery] languageSettingsProviders attribute in toolChain definition limitation



I am trying to specify some providers to work with a specific toolchain by adding them to the languageSettingsProviders attribute of the toolchain definition.

When the toolchain definition is at the top level of the extension point, the providers get picked up normally. But I am actually having the toolchain definition at the third level (i.e. projectType -> configuration -> toolChain), and

At this point the attribute is just ignored.

I also tried the following:

-        Explicitly adding the  languageSettingsProviders to the configuration with the ${toolchain} tag specified à The APIs specified at the configuration level are used but not the ones at the toolchain level.

-        Defining a super toolchain at first level with the languageSettingsProviders attribute and inherit it downwards à Also didn’t get picked up.

Is this by design somehow? Am I missing something?



Mohamed Azab


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