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[cdt-dev] Deleting obsolete branches

Hi (mostly Jeff, Mikhail, Andrew and Sergey),

I had a quick mishap with the repo this morning which required me to remove a branch I had pushed by mistake.
This made me think I could take the opportunity to clean up some old branches that seem useless.
I find that the more clutter we have in CDT, the harder it is for new-comers to figure how things work.

After investigation I'd like to start with the below.  
Let me know if you want to keep those branches.

remotes/origin/GDBStandalone  (I believe this was made as a new commit that was pushed to master)

remotes/origin/MultiProcess (created by mistake, feature is in master)
remotes/origin/NewMultiProcess (created by mistake, feature is in master)

remotes/origin/sd90 (merged into master)
remotes/origin/bug_197989_B (merged into master)
remotes/origin/bug_299911 (merged into master)
remotes/origin/bug_45203 (merged into master)

remotes/origin/bug_197989 (seems obsolete, replaced by _B branch which went into master)



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