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[cdt-dev] Coordinated testing update


I feel that our revival of a coordinated testing effort for the 8.4 release was a success.
We got a good feel for stability and found 3 bugs, 2 of which were pretty serious.

Thanks to contributors for testing, adding tests, questioning behavior, and opening bugs:
William Riley, Abeer Bagul, Harish Dewan, and Kessel (kesselhaus).
And to our hard-working committers.

I've snap-shot the results in pdf:
and created the test spec for CDT 8.5: -> Future CDT 8.5.0 testing

But this is really only a start.
We really need to see more tests being added for other parts of CDT (currently the doc focuses on Debug).
If you recall, Marc-Andre (heroically) solved a pretty serious bug the last day of the release, which would have been
found much earlier had we had some manual tests planned for other areas of CDT.

As we saw, the investment of time per person is very small (around 2 hours) once the community gets involved.

CDT 8.5 is only *3 short months* away so you'll hear from me again soon :)

Thanks again!


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