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[cdt-dev] FW: Raising the contribution limit

Great news for contributions!
Anything with less than 1000 added lines (instead of 250 lines as it was until now) does not need a Contribution Questionnaire (CQ).
And it looks like deleted lines don't count in this respect.

Bravo to the Foundation for reducing our overhead!


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I am sure that you are aware that the Eclipse Foundation has long had a policy that required that contributions greater than 250 lines of code required the creation of a Contribution Questionnaire, and a review and approval by the IP team.

I am happy to announce that effective immediately, the requirement for filing a CQ has been raised to 1,000 lines of code added. To verify whether a contribution requires a CQ, use one of the following git commands to check:

     If it's committed:  git log --shortstat
     If not committed: git diff --stat

These commands tell you the number of insertions(+), and deletions(-). 
If the total number of lines inserted (e.g. added) in a contribution is greater than 1000 (yes, this includes comments) then a CQ is required.

I hope that this both simplifies and clarifies the expectations around accepting contributions. The other in-bound contribution requirements such as CLAs and signed-by remain in place unchanged.


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