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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT 8.4: gdb debugging session freeze

I actually see this quite a bit.

The reason is that stdout is getting in the way of the MI Output.

Basically your program wrote "fact;" to stdout with no eol. Then a breakpoint got hit and the MI Output was wrote.

Eclipse reads 1 line at a time expecting there to be an EOL, but in this case there was not so it just mashed the 2 lines together. Eclipse now thinks this is just program output.

I am really not sure of a solution to this problem except for tuning of program stdout. That is what I end up having to do most of the time because my program output get in the way to the GDB MI Output all the time.

It seems like there should be a way to differentiate between the streams, besides just looking at the first character.

Joseph Henry.

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Hi All

I am debugging a  templated C++ application with CDT 8.3 on a Cygwin
/W7/x86_64 platform and stepping into a visitor, the CDT debugger freezes itself whitout any error or information message...

How can I get the debugger or gdb emitting some information on what kind of problem it have?

Here the gdb log
542,797 (gdb)
542,797 int
 >&, int)",args=[{name="th\
542,797 (gdb)


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