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[cdt-dev] CDT 8.4: gdb debugging session freeze

Hi All

I am debugging a templated C++ application with CDT 8.3 on a Cygwin /W7/x86_64 platform and stepping into a visitor, the CDT debugger freezes itself whitout any error or information message...

How can I get the debugger or gdb emitting some information on what kind of problem it have?

Here the gdb log
542,797 (gdb)
542,797 int fact;*stopped,reason="end-stepping-range",frame={addr="0x000000010040a2f8",func="DepthFi\ rstRetArguVisitor<Value<int>*>::visit(AST::CompilationUnit<Value<int><int> >&, int)",args=[{name="th\
542,797 (gdb)


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