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Re: [cdt-dev] (Pre)Publishing my work on Refactorings

You can create a separate branch that contains your work and on that branch do a soft reset and then create a single commit that you can then push to Gerrit.


On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 9:18 AM, Simon Taddiken <simon.taddiken@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

this sounds easy as I already committed a bugfix to gerrit. My question here is: how do I create different patches for my refactorings? I currently have one local branch (with about 200 commits) on which I did the implementation of all 3 refactorings. In fact the pull up and push down refactoring are highly coupled as they share a lot of mechanics.
How do I create pushable commits for gerrit now (the single commits are not signed off but do have a change-id)?


On 18.02.2014 16:20, Marc-André Laperle wrote:
Hi Simon,

You could push your changes to Gerrit. I suggest you push one patch for
each refactoring. You could add a prefix like [WIP] (work in progress)
in the commit title to make it clear that it's not ready for final
review. Here are a few links yo help you in the process:

I'm always interested in improvements in refactorings so I'll definitely
give them a try!


On 14-02-18 08:20 AM, Simon Taddiken wrote:
Hi Guys,

I would like to contribute my work on refactorings to the CDT. The
implementation is still work in progress but most features are already
working. Its mostly testcases that are missing. Also as I'm new to
Eclipse (and CDT) development so my implementation might not be
flawless regarding all the CDT guidelines.
As this work is part of my bachelor thesis which is due in about 8
weeks, it would be awesome if some experienced developers and CDT
users could have a look on my work.

The refactorings I implemented are:
   * Inline Temp (
   * Push Down Field/Method
   * Pull Up Field/Method

My question is whether there is a way to publish my work to all who
are interested to have a look at it.

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