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[cdt-dev] having multiple plugin versions for a single installation of Eclipse

Here’s a question I hope many of you had to deal with and can provide some recommendations.

I am developing an Eclipse plug-in for internal use and it is about time to start doing regular releases for the users. By this point, I have used my local Kepler installation and I would install my plugin on top of it. Then I would make users use this local installation in order to see the plugin. It makes it very inconvenient that I switch the version for all users at once when I decide to install the plugin in my Eclipse.


Now, I am thinking that I would like to have a central installation of Eclipse (potentially read-only) that will be orthogonal to my plugins, meaning that I want to have different users to use one Eclipse binary but see different plugin versions that I release depending on some config file they use or env variable. Essentially, what I want to avoid is to copy the entire Eclipse installation with every plugin release I do. So the question is how I can achieve what I described?


Hope it makes sense.

Thanks in advance,


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