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[cdt-dev] Mutiple gdbs on a single launch configuration


Is it possible to have multiple gdbs for a single launch configuration ?

Here is the use-case:
We have an application deployed on both the host and an embedded device.
Up to now, we have managed this use-case thanks to the "launch group" feature.
Therefore, we have defined 3 launch configurations.
(1) one for the host part (launch config is a standard "C/C++ Application")
(2) one for the embedded part (launch config is a home-made one, for our embedded device)
(3) one for the launch group, on charge of starting the two others.

This approach is OK in both "Debug" and "Run" modes.
(in debug mode, two debuggers are started: a standard gdb on host and an cross-compiled gdb for the embedded part).
However, it cause a few problems.
- Launch configs (1) and (2) cannot be run separately. Since they appears in the launch dialog, it's error-prone.
- As soon as we want manage different options, we increase the number of launch config by a multiple of 3. Therefore, it becomes quickly a mess when there are a few different launch options to support at the same time.

To fix these two issues, I plan to create a single dedicated launch configuration that manage this use case.
I'm quite confident that the "Run" mode will be OK.
However, I'm not sure this approach is compatible with "Debug" mode.
Oh... by the way, I'm using dsf.

Any clue about that ?

Xavier Raynaud

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