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Re: [cdt-dev] Refactoring idea

Hi Alec

What you describe is actually already there in CDT and is called "toggle function". Take your example bellow and call toggle-function from the refactoring menu (or with shift+alt+t) while the caret and you will get what you are looking for. Call it again and the definition of "f" will be moved to a source file (A.cpp if the class definiton is in A.h).

enjoy using it!


Am 26.11.2013 23:50, schrieb Alec Teal:
Hey all,

A really simple yet really useful refactoring to offer would be to pull method definitions out of a class and stick them somewhere else (to clipboard for example).

How many times have you accidentally defined methods while writing the class, I'd love to just highlight a block and have it leave the declarations and put something I can just copy and paste into the code file for me. It'd be great if it could also remove variable names.


class A {
    U f(V x) {

class A {
    U f(V);


U A::f(V x) {

On the clipboard (or something)

I think it'd be easy enough to do. Carry forward any surrounding tokens provided it's not "virtual" and such. Even constructor initialiser lists wouldn't be a problem.

I suggest this because it's a task could (almost) be accomplished by little more than a regex rule. It'd save me a lot of time.

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