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[cdt-dev] InputOrder Feature Implementation

I am implementing a toolchain that can’t work without the InputOrder propriety attribute to the InputType Element of a Tool Element being functional. Unfortunately thought the InputOrder Element is available with the BuildDefinition extension it was never implemented. The last post within the CDT-Dev email list I could find about the feature is Sept 2006. The comment from Leo Treggiari was:


“…The InputOrder element is not implemented, and in any case, I don’t think it would help you.  It is meant to support ordering of the inputs to a tool on a command line…”   The comment can be find in the ref post at:


I recently posted to the list two questions about the InputOrder implementation. Obviously the lack of answers mean that the feature is not so much requested or needed and perhaps have been rarely looked at. Since I need the feature for my toolchain I’ve decided to dig into the code of the Build Manager to study how hard it would be to implement. Then I tried to do an implementation and I succeeded to have it working. At least with my toolchain.  I don’t know the Build Manager code enough to understand if I might have missed something but I would really like to contribute the code I made to the Build Manager.


Yet I don’t want to waste the time of a committer to review the code I made if there is no interest for the template implementation. The first attempt to implement the feature was to  fix the bug  421884. I would be available to create a new bug for the InputOrder feature implementation and then push the template code to Gerrit. But would the code be at least reviewed?



Guy Bonneau



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