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Re: [cdt-dev] Change build/compiler settings

This is how I would try to do it:

 I would add a new processor enumerated option to both the Link and Flag
tools. You can do this by editing the SDCC plugin.xml. The option would be
an enumerated type having both processor type. Of course you would need to
set the link and flag option of both tool which could be prone to error
setting from the user. But this would be a good starting point to understand
the internal architecture of the CDT.

You can also look at the IBM XL C++ compiler plugin. They have a similar
feature but for the version of the compiler. This should provide you with a
good example about how to do it and you will learn a lot from the code.


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I am not sure if that worked the last time I sent this Email since I still
got no answer and I thought I would receive an Email too when I send an
Email to a list I subscribed.

So in the case something went wrong I forward my last message.

Best regards

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Subject: Change build/compiler settings

Hey guys!

I asked this question on stackoverflow [1] and the Eclipse Community Forum
[2] but did not get an answer yet. Axel Mueller from the forum suggested to
ask this on the CDT mailing list which is what I am doing right now. ^^

My need is rather simple: I just want to set the compiler flags and modify
the toolchain of the SDCC Plugin that is based on the CDT Plugin.

I've created a MBSCustomPage where the user is already able to choose e.g.
"ProcessorTypeA" or "ProcessorTypeB" and depending on the users decision I
want to setup the flags for the compiler and the linker (I think you get the

Is there any way how I can do that?
Is there any detailed documentation or any examples I could take a look at?

I really have to say that I love Eclipse and its adjustable design but I
really struggle with getting into Eclipse Plugin Development..

Anyway, thanks for any answer in advance and best regards,



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