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[cdt-dev] Change build/compiler settings

I am not sure if that worked the last time I sent this Email since I still got no answer and I thought I would receive an Email too when I send an Email to a list I subscribed.

So in the case something went wrong I forward my last message.

Best regards

From: Falk Stefan (IFAT DCGR ATV SC CV)
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 1:19 PM
To: 'cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: Change build/compiler settings

Hey guys!

I asked this question on stackoverflow [1] and the Eclipse Community Forum [2] but did not get an answer yet. Axel Mueller from the forum suggested to ask this on the CDT mailing list which is what I am doing right now. ^^

My need is rather simple: I just want to set the compiler flags and modify the toolchain of the SDCC Plugin that is based on the CDT Plugin.

I've created a MBSCustomPage where the user is already able to choose e.g. "ProcessorTypeA" or "ProcessorTypeB" and depending on the users decision I want to setup the flags for the compiler and the linker (I think you get the point).

Is there any way how I can do that?
Is there any detailed documentation or any examples I could take a look at?

I really have to say that I love Eclipse and its adjustable design but I really struggle with getting into Eclipse Plugin Development..

Anyway, thanks for any answer in advance and best regards,



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