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Re: [cdt-dev] Re : Re: Adding a profile tool to a standard CDT toolchain

Axel, thanks for the bug links!

Just for records:
Bug 405670 - LLDB Debugger Integration - (


-------- Original message --------

  • Something similar to VS visualizers feature [1]. VS has a nice feature that allows to visualize the value of a variable of some type with a custom GUI (there are a few built-in visualizers, but they could be easily extended with user plugins). It is like gdb pretty printers, but work on GUI level. For example separate dialog for examination of variables with long multiline strings or XML/HTML content viewers (BTW currently viewing long strings is almost impossible). Taking into account that gdb has a python support, this feature could be really flexible.
Something similar was proposed (including patch) some years ago 
Provide a feature similar to JDT's detailed formatter: 


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