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Re: [cdt-dev] Adding a profile tool to a standard CDT toolchain

I feel your pain Guy!!


I too have struggled through the tooling mess and custom command lines just to get a few simple outputs.


It does seem like it should be much simpler to go from initial input to final output(s).


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After much digging in the CDT code I have progressed and I am now able to have the profiler tool kick-in with the appropriate inputs type and output target. However I am left with a feeling of something unfinished regarding how the output types (Primary or secondary) can be defined and are processed up to the command step building. For example I don't see how you can really produce many outputs (primary and secondaries) from a single tool since the command line pattern have only one ${OUTPUT} dedicated to the primary output.


I have nonetheless be able to bypass this problem by custom command line generation and using option definition. However I feel it shouldn't be that hard.


To have my profiler step builder created and executed I have had to solve an issue for which I have created a bug: The calculateOutput method of build description wrongly uses the tool outputs file extension attribute to create the resource outputs of any outputType associated to the tool. This prevent the build manager to resolve the appropriate build steps.



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