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[cdt-dev] PTP synchronized projects and GNU auto tools

(cross-posting on ptp-user mailing list)


it appears that GNU autotools and PTP synchronized projects are not fully 

integrated. In particular, the current setup only allows autotools to be run 

on the local system.

I recently gave a class on PTP synchronized projects, and it appears that the 

following work around is pointing towards the right direction.

For the work around, I changed the entry for 

project manager->properties->C/C++ Builder->Build command

from make to <abs_path_of_project_location>/my_make, 

where my_make is the following.



if [ "$1" = "clean" ]; then

        make clean

elif [ -n "$DO_CONFIGURE" ]; then

        ./configure $CONF_PARMS && make $*


        make $*



This way, configure would be called on the same host as make would be called, 

and - also important - configure would be called after environment variables 

and modules are set.

Are there any plans to adapt GNU auto tools for use with PTP synchronized 

projects ? If so, what time frame can we expect ? Also, will it provide what 

the above (clumsy) work around hints at ?

Thanks !



Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards


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