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Re: [cdt-dev] Issue with TreeModelViewer in Linux OS

Hi Malu,
I haven't seen this issue before, but none of the debug views use the expandAll(), method so it's possible that you've come across something new.  Can you open a bug against debug platform and attach a snippet demonstrating the bug.


On 02/07/2013 08:58 PM, Malu Sasi wrote:

Hi All,


We have implemented a tree viewer using TreeModelViewer (Virtual type in Lazy mode). I could see a strange behavior while running in Linux OS . If ever I try to expand the tree items using the  API expandAll(), the tree starts blinking/flickering, if it fail to fetch the child nodes. But this behavior was not there in Windows.


I tried to debug the code, but it went deep into some infinite loop that always try to update the tree viewer. Please see below the relevant stack trace :


Thread [main] (Suspended)       

                OS._gtk_main_do_event(long) line: not available [native method]         

OS.gtk_main_do_event(long) line: 8422              

Display.eventProc(long, long) line: 1245               

OS._gdk_window_process_updates(long, boolean) line: not available [native method]

OS.gdk_window_process_updates(long, boolean) line: 5511     

Tree(Control).update(boolean, boolean) line: 4975        

Tree(Control).update() line: 4966            

TreeModelViewer(TreeViewer).setExpanded(Item, boolean) line: 335 

TreeModelViewer(AbstractTreeViewer).internalExpandToLevel(Widget, int) line: 1757

TreeModelViewer(AbstractTreeViewer).expandToLevel(Object, int) line: 1060

TreeModelViewer(InternalTreeModelViewer).autoExpand(TreePath) line: 2063             

HasChildrenUpdate.performUpdate() line: 53

                ViewerUpdateMonitor$1.runInUIThread(IProgressMonitor) line: 99      

                UIJob$ line: 95    


Will it be any problem with our implementation ?


Please guide me on how I should proceed further.


Thanks in Advance,





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