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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT Summit at EclipseCon in Boston?


friendly reminder to for those interested in a CDT summit
at EclipseCon, please sign up at: 

We should pick the date of the summit by the end of
this week, to make sure we get a room.



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> Subject: [cdt-dev] CDT Summit at EclipseCon in Boston?
> Hi all,
> Last year, we had a successful one-day CDT summit with 21 
> people attending:
> I think we should do that again this year.  What do people think?
> If you would be interested, please sign up on the wiki 
> and specify your preference for the day.  
> Here are my thoughts for the possible days:
> (please let me know if I have missed a CDT-related talk that 
> would cause another conflict)
> #1 Monday (if people are ready to miss tutorials)
> #2 Tuesday (Doug and I have a talk about CDT at 3pm, so I'd 
> prefer to avoid this day.)
> #3 Wednesday (Sergey has a talk about organizing includes at 
> 4:15pm, so it is better to
>               avoid that day also.  Unless we finish the 
> summit around 3pm and if Sergey
>               doesn't mind being at the summit before his 
> presentation.)
> #4 Thursday (No CDT-specific talks, so that is a possibility, 
> if people don't plan on
>              leaving early for the airport)
> #5 Friday (Not part of EclipseCon, so if people can stay an 
> extra day, that would mean
>            not missing any talks at EclipseCon.)
> #6 Sunday (some conferences use the Sunday to have side 
> meetings.  If that is more
>            convenient for people, it could be an option.)
> #7 There was also an idea of having a two-day summit flying 
> around since it may be the
>    only summit we have.  That would need to be on the Sunday 
> and Monday.
> You can reply to me directly if you prefer not to add your 
> name to the wiki.
> Since we need to pick the day (or two) very soon, please 
> don't procrastinate :)
> (
> Thanks!
> Marc
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