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[cdt-dev] CDT Summit at EclipseCon in Boston?

Hi all,
Last year, we had a successful one-day CDT summit with 21 people attending:

I think we should do that again this year.  What do people think?

If you would be interested, please sign up on the wiki 
and specify your preference for the day.  

Here are my thoughts for the possible days:
(please let me know if I have missed a CDT-related talk that would cause another conflict)

#1 Monday (if people are ready to miss tutorials)
#2 Tuesday (Doug and I have a talk about CDT at 3pm, so I'd prefer to avoid this day.)
#3 Wednesday (Sergey has a talk about organizing includes at 4:15pm, so it is better to
              avoid that day also.  Unless we finish the summit around 3pm and if Sergey
              doesn't mind being at the summit before his presentation.)
#4 Thursday (No CDT-specific talks, so that is a possibility, if people don't plan on
             leaving early for the airport)
#5 Friday (Not part of EclipseCon, so if people can stay an extra day, that would mean
           not missing any talks at EclipseCon.)
#6 Sunday (some conferences use the Sunday to have side meetings.  If that is more
           convenient for people, it could be an option.)
#7 There was also an idea of having a two-day summit flying around since it may be the
   only summit we have.  That would need to be on the Sunday and Monday.

You can reply to me directly if you prefer not to add your name to the wiki.

Since we need to pick the day (or two) very soon, please don't procrastinate :)



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