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[cdt-dev] Scalability concerns.

I'm using the CDT, which I really like much better than the Emacs tools I've been using (gnu global, gid, etc.)  However, I have some questions about scalability.  The source code for my entire product is just over 13e6 lines, including comments.  Of course I don't need all of that, but the main module I work on is about 1/10 of that, and then I need another dozen or so smaller modules to get any work done.

The problem is that the CDT indexer doesn't seem to scale very well at that size.  It seems to take half an hour or so, on my 12-core Xeon computer, to compute the entire index.  I need to index files which are not included in the build, as (1) the notion of eclipse build is kind of stylized, since I never really build using eclipse, and (2) I don't have enough modules included to do a full build anyway.

Is there anything I can do to speed things up?  I've tried the scalability options, but they either miss too much to be useful, or else they don't help the problem.

Thanks.  (And thanks for all this work.  It's really helpful for me, at least.)

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