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[cdt-dev] Heads up about a research project on testing refactoring engines and the bugs that we will be reporting about CDT


I am an assistant professor at Auburn University, AL. We are working on a project (a collaborative one with UIUC) to automatically find bugs in refactoring engines by running tests using real programs. We have been working on running our tools on JDT and CDT. So far, we have reported more than 30 bugs to JDT. A few have been fixed already.

Following that work, my student Farnaz Behrang will be submitting 20~25 bugs that we found in the Rename and Extract Function portion of CDT. We are posting these reports because they might be useful for you. They are not blocking our daily work, and hence are marked with "minor" severity. 

I would like to add that we have found CDT to be very useful in our daily work, and we appreciate your work on it.

Thanks again.

Munawar Hafiz

Assistant Professor

CSSE, Auburn University

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