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Re: [cdt-dev] Summit today

There are also notes at taken by Martin.


On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 5:07 PM, Marc-Andre Laperle <malaperle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Great, thanks you! :)

On 28/03/2012 8:27 AM, Hussein, Mohamed wrote:



I had taken some notes as I understood (and from my own interest pov, this is no minutes, also I dozed a lot :)), I will share with you here, and if they are helpful (and correct :)) we can add them to the wiki.


#### Session1 10:30 - General


##### Announcements

- **Juno will be 4.2** the default CDT downloaded from the site will be 4.2.

- **There will be no Eclipse 3.9 release** (so far) so we need to think about this.

- ** Next CDT (Juno) will be 8.1, so no API breakage**


##### Discussions

- Discussion whether/when CDT will use 4.x APIs so that it will break compatibility with 3.x builds.

- Shall CDT use Gerrit to allow external contributors (like me) to submit patches and handle review using it. Seems the sentiment is in favor though Committers would like to have the option to override.

_Doug submitted request to enable gerrit on cdt with committer bypass if possible_


- Reproducible builds? unannounced session Wednesday 10:15 Reston Suite A. this is part of the Platform's effort for long term support.

- Shall we allow non-committers to modify Bugzilla (triage, mark as duplicate, ...)? possibly yes

- irc for cdt? any committers reading cdt-user forum? irc seems out, list of active committers is very small, no full time devs, so it would be hard.


##### Session2 1:30pm - Debug

- Multicore debug visualization session tomorrow

- again mentioning the need of contribution, and how to increase that. CDT users are not Java developers, so users can't usually help fix issues.

- CDT have been sitting on 1100-1200 bugs for the past couple of years, so we are doing a good job of fixing what comes in, but may be we need to cleanup

- Multicore-visualizer teazer: nice visualization of your cores and the state of threads running on them, you can drill from this to the debug views. Discussion on whether this is debugging. monitoring or tracing. Possible cooperation with what PTP have been doing in this area, think BlueGene.

There is a framework for visualization that this is built on to allow adding different visualizers


##### Session3 - Codan C++11

- How to integrate external linting tools


##### Session4 - New New Project wizard

- The idea of getting rid of the new project wizard is not that liked

- The preferred solution is to use intelligent templates and have the wizard remember the previous settings so that the user should only type project name/location then hit finish.


##### Session5 - Gerrit demo

- All looks well except for the fact that web ui by default allows for merge commits which is a no-no in cdt, there is no way to rebase-commit.

- Gerrit allows external contributors to +1 (recommend) a patch, but only committers can +2 (accept) it .

- Hudson can be set as reviewer, can +1 (ok), -1 (tests fail), -2 (build fail)


##### Session6 - Remote project demo

- demo for a patch to allow creating projects on an rse location and work on that normally in eclipse bug373601


##### BuildSystem

- Vladimir asks whether managed build is a correct way to go, shall we try to improve it, rewrite it, ...

- Long discussion on Managed Build Systems, seems everyone has a different pov on what is important for users depending on his/her major customers. Doug mentions the 1.5M downloads of CDT so user base is much larger.

- All agree that current solution is a bit of a mess.

- Doug thinks there is no point in rewriting Managed Build

- Martin prefers not to hide data inside CDT and provide it in external files. Anna mentions Autotools.

- Martin prefers to focus on easier support of external build systems (think CMake, ...) and providing extensible framework for that.

- Vladimir mentions custom UI for each different build system. All agrees it is a huge amount of work. Extensible framework might be a solution, but it needs to be well architected

- Sergey mentions New Scanner Discovery (AndrewG)

- After lots of discussions, seems the solution is to get more committers in, so ppl need to get "handful" of patches :)



Best Regards,



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Hi Doug,

Was there anything discussed that other contributors who were not at the summit should know about?



On 3/27/2012 9:46 AM, Doug Schaefer wrote:

Hey gang,


Just a reminder of the CDT contributor's summit today starting at 10:30 in Reston Suites A. If you haven't contributed yet, showing up counts as a contribution :), so all are invited.


We'll have introductions at the beginning and complete the agenda and assign times to them so people can come and go. Hopefully the wifi stays up long enough for us to update the wiki as we go as well.


See you there,


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