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Re: [cdt-dev] [ptp-dev] Screen-cast of Remote Project Prototype Demo

Ok, I have booked the following call:

Fri Mar 02 1:30 pm EST - 2:30 pm EST

Toll-free dial-in number (U.S. and Canada): (800) 451-8679

Conference code: 5308668112

-- Jeff J.

On 02/27/2012 11:03 AM, Chris Recoskie wrote:
I have a conflict at 14:00 EST on 2/28.

The other slots are fine.

Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT and RDT
IBM Toronto

Inactive hide details for Jeff Johnston ---02/24/2012 06:13:22 PM---Hi
Roland, A conference call would be a good idea. I can sJeff Johnston
---02/24/2012 06:13:22 PM---Hi Roland, A conference call would be a good
idea. I can set up a one hour call.

From: Jeff Johnston <jjohnstn@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: Parallel Tools Platform general developers <ptp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Sami Wagiaalla <swagiaal@xxxxxxxxxx>, "CDT General developers list."
Date: 02/24/2012 06:13 PM
Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] [ptp-dev] Screen-cast of Remote Project Prototype
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Hi Roland,

A conference call would be a good idea. I can set up a one hour call.
How do any of the following proposed dates and times for this following
week work for you, Chris, et. al.?

Tue Feb 28 1:30- 2:30 pm EST
Wed Feb 29 11:00-12:00 am EST
Wed Feb 29 1:30- 2:30 pm EST
Fri Mar 02 11:00-12:00 am EST
Fri Mar 02 1:30- 2:30 pm EST

These times are clear for Andrew, Sami, and myself on this end.


-- Jeff J.

On 02/23/2012 04:53 PM, Roland Schulz wrote:
 > Hi Jeff,
 > Looks nice and it would be great to have remote support together with
 > autotools support.
 > We already have two different remote project types in PTP. Besides the
 > original RDT, which Chris described as a reply to your first mail, we
 > also have the synchronized project type. While it is slower if one wants
 > to only add a few remote files, it is often faster when editing many
 > files and it works with several Eclipse plugins (e.g. Photran,
 > PerformanceTools) which don't work with the original RDT.
 > In case you are not familiar with that solution you can find more
 > information at:
 > page with summary)
 > pages with tutorial)
 > original bug
 > with the reasons to have a 2nd remote project types and links to earlier
 > prototypes)
 > As Chris mentioned to your original email: It might make sense to have a
 > conference call and see how the different remote project types could be
 > combined into a common framework to avoid duplicated effort and have a
 > common user interface.
 > Roland
 > On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 4:01 PM, Jeff Johnston <jjohnstn@xxxxxxxxxx
 > <mailto:jjohnstn@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
 > Hello,
 > Now that we are all done with Indigo SR2 and Juno M5, I would like to
 > continue discussion of my prototype for supporting remote projects
 > directly in CDT via proxies for file and command access.
 > A picture paints a thousand words so I have put together a short
 > demonstration in ogg format that shows how the prototype works in
 > creating a remote Autotools C project using an RSE connection from my
 > laptop to my desktop. The code for the prototype has already been
 > posted in a bug. I have since verified in the bug that it is EPL and
 > that I have permission from my employer Red Hat to submit it.
 > The demo can be found in ogg form here:
 > If you are using a Windows system, you might need to use VLC to view it.
 > -- Jeff J. (Red Hat Inc)
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