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Re: [cdt-dev] Proper handling of IP


Thank you for your note. 

We will not require any evidence from the Austrian Professional Register.
Although we've been accused of being maniacal about our IP policies, we're
not quite that paranoid :)

At some point Marc will ask you these sorts of questions on the bug, and I
hope you won't mind repeating yourself there. I am personally optimistic
that we can get the approvals in place in time for your patch to be part of
the Juno release.

Many thanks for your contribution!

Mike Milinkovich
Executive Director
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

> -----Original Message-----
> I'm not really sure what the exact meaning of "IP risk" is regarding the
> project, but I as the contributor of this patch can confirm that I've
> 100% of the code of this patch on my own in my spare time simply due to a
> personal interest. I simply found this bug to hinder my daily work with
> I can also confirm that I have the will and right to contribute the code
> Eclipse, since I'm the sole author of this code. I further don't even work
> any company since I'm self-employed. I can gladly prove this with an
> from the Austrian Professional Register if that should help.
> I'd really like it if there would be a way to include this patch in the
> release. But I also understand if it's already too late for that.

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