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Re: [cdt-dev] Proper handling of IP

> The patch is now more than 250 lines (445) but the CQ deadline
> ...
> Since the patch addresses multiple fixes, would it be ok to
> split the solution into multiple bugs and multiple smaller patches?

Doug can say for sure (or could check with the IP team), but you might
be able to commit the patch as-is.  The point of the CQ process is to
mitigate risk; "250 lines" was chosen somewhat arbitrarily as the
definition of a "small" contribution which has very little risk.  This
patch isn't THAT much over the limit, and many of his 445 lines are
comments or import statements anyway, so it would probably get triaged
if you filed a CQ.  Splitting it into multiple patches would waste
time and wouldn't mitigate any additional risk... and it's definitely
a "small" contribution with virtually no IP risk anyway (right?).


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