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[cdt-dev] debug context and C/C++ perspective


For our architecture all launches currently use DSF. Normal runs just don't set any breakpoints, but the rest of it is practically same.

Now I have some data I can get while program is running (this data can not be read by debugger), which I want to refresh when debugger stops or program terminates.

While user is debugging I'm listening for debug context (DebugUITools.addPartDebugContextListener), which works pretty fine, although I still have to play a little to just process each debugger stop single time.

Main problem currently is this: if I start eclipse and run a program (in non-debug mode) from C/C++ perspective, I get no debugContextChanged events. If I switch to debug perspective, running a program or debugging it starts dispatching debug context events. Even if I start eclipse, switch to debug perspective, then immediately switch back to C/C++, these events dispatch.

Is this some bug in debug context manager, or does it behave this way by design? Or am I just missing something?

(I have an idea for a workaround (listening for sessions being started and use this if there is no context), but I'd like to be sure this is the only way.


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