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[cdt-dev] Managedbuilder: Additional inputs (LIBS) for archiver?

I noticed that the GNU archiver (cdt.managedbuild.tool.gnu.archiver) uses $(LIBS) as additional inputs:


Does this make sense? The ar manpage documents the -l option like this:

l   This modifier is accepted but not used.

Unfortunately it may cause troubles when the libraries passed to ar cannot be found.

I suggest to remove that additional input. May I file a bug or did I miss something?

(You may ask why $(LIBS) is not empty when ar is run... I'm using my own toolchain that defines a secondary output of type archive that contains all object files of a project. This allows a (sub)project to be run standalone and to be used by a parent project without the need of having two projects). Also note that one can easily get arond that problem by "overriding" the <inputType> of the archiver in may toolchain definition)


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