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Re: [cdt-dev] cdt dsf on eclipse 4.2

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> Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 1:16 PM
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> Subject: [cdt-dev] cdt dsf on eclipse 4.2
> Hello,
> I am trying eclipse EPP CPP package 4.2 M3 and M4 and compare 
> them with eclipse 3.7.1.  I find some dsf view commands are 
> missing and some toolbar commands enable/disable state are not proper.
> Here are some examples of the issues,
> -  3.7.1 has view's pull down menu 'Number Format' and 
> 'Update Policy' in expression / registers / variables view.  
> However, 4.2 M3 does not have 'Update Policy', while  4.2 M4 
> does not have both 'Number Format' and 'Update Policy'.

The Update Policy menu has to be enabled by the Customize perspective
menu.  However that menu is not available in E4 right now:

> - 3.7.1 has context menu item 'Watch' in those views, but 4.2 
> M4 does not have the menu item.

Not sure about this one.

> - 3.7.1 variables view toolbar button has disabled state for 
> add/remove/remove all global buttons, which is what I 
> expected. However, 4.2 M3 and M4 have those  buttons enabled, 
> and once I click on them, they get disabled.

I see the enablement of many buttons being wrong.
The runControl buttons (resume, suspend) are showing
enabled even if nothing is selected, until you press on
them once.

This seems to be a platform issue because it happens
when debugging with the JDT.

I haven't looked for a bugzilla about it yet.

> Does anyone see similar issues on these views or other debug 
> related views? Would they be related to e4 compatibility 
> layer as to command-handler mechanism?
> Thanks,
> Winnie

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