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[cdt-dev] cdt dsf on eclipse 4.2



I am trying eclipse EPP CPP package 4.2 M3 and M4 and compare them with eclipse 3.7.1.  I find some dsf view commands are missing and some toolbar commands enable/disable state are not proper.


Here are some examples of the issues,

-  3.7.1 has view’s pull down menu ‘Number Format’ and ‘Update Policy’ in _expression_ / registers / variables view.  However, 4.2 M3 does not have ‘Update Policy’, while  4.2 M4 does not have both ‘Number Format’ and ‘Update Policy’.

- 3.7.1 has context menu item ‘Watch’ in those views, but 4.2 M4 does not have the menu item.

- 3.7.1 variables view toolbar button has disabled state for add/remove/remove all global buttons, which is what I expected. However, 4.2 M3 and M4 have those  buttons enabled, and once I click on them, they get disabled.


Does anyone see similar issues on these views or other debug related views? Would they be related to e4 compatibility layer as to command-handler mechanism?





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