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Re: [cdt-dev] Exact purpose of CDT_SOURCE and CDT_OUTPUT pathentries ?

On Saturday 15 October 2011, Schaefer, Doug wrote:
> I don't really have an answer. But as I've mentioned to CMake developers in
> the past, the .cproject file is an internal file that can change format or
> even disappear at any time.

That's ok.
CMake is following the changing file formats of all IDEs it supports :-)

> In fact, we're moving more of our settings to
> project scoped preferences as we go.
> For me, I get the most value out of CMake when it generates Makefiles and I
> can call them from CDT's Makefile projects. 

That's what the Eclipse project generator in CMake does. It generates 
Makefiles and additionally an Eclipse project file for a Makefile-based 
project, which uses them.
This project can then be imported in Eclipse.

> I have on my wish list a way
> to automate setting up projects like that at some point with a New Project
> wizard.
> The point is CDT isn't like XCode or VisualStudio. It's actually, probably,
> at the same level as CMake, since it's really platform agnostic.

From my POV, it makes a lot of sense for cmake to generate project files for 
CMake helped me a lot to be able to use XCode or Visual Studio (since I didn't 
have to learn how to set up a project in them or how to add files to a 
project, etc.), and it does the same for me with Eclipse :-)


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