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[cdt-dev] Exact purpose of CDT_SOURCE and CDT_OUTPUT pathentries ?


I'm currently the maintainer of the Eclipse CDT project file generator in 
CMake. I.e. CMake can generate for any cmake-based project simple Makefile-
based projects, or Visual Studio projects, XCode projects, CodeBlocks projects 
and also Eclipse CDT projects.
Now I need some help.

I was looking for a documentation of the .cproject file format, but didn't 
find one. 
The CDT reference manual helps somewhat:

So, what I'd like to know what the purpose of the CDT_SOURCE and CDT_OUTPUT 
pathentry's in the .cproject file are exactly, i.e. at which point and for 
which actions they are used.
AFAIK CDT_SOURCE must be related to the indexer.

So, which directories should I add as CDT_SOURCE ?
All directories which contain source files which will be compiled ?
Or all directories which contain targets which will be built (this can differ 
from above, since targets can also use source files from other directories).
And, if I forget to add some directories, which negative effect will this have 

And the same for CDT_OUTPUT.
What is this used for ?


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