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Re: [cdt-dev] Juno Aggregation Fails for Linux Tools due to missing TCF RSE

Hi Jeff, this is actually probably a question for tcf-dev.

There is a bit of history here. The TCF on the release train has only been enough to satisfy the dependency for CDT's EDC debugger. RSE wasn't part of that. So if it has been included in the past, it was by accident.

Now, that'll change for Juno and I'll need to figure out how best to reveal it. For now, you can get it from the tcf-nightly Hudson build, which populates a p2 repository in the CDT staging area here: file://home/data/httpd/ It includes the RSE plug-in.


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Juno Aggregation Fails for Linux Tools due to missing TCF
> The Linux Tools project depends on TCF RSE.  This is not being exposed by
> CDT for Juno.  I sent a note to Vivian about this, but haven't heard back.  If
> Vivian is away, could someone please address this soon so we can be in the
> next Juno milestone?
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