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Re: [cdt-dev] question on CDT breakpoint properties dialog

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> Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] question on CDT breakpoint properties dialog

> > 	One aspect that I think will be of interest in the near 
> > future is to provide breakpoints that are target-specific.
> I agree.  We've talked about this several times in the past 
> and there's been a few really nice ideas that have floated 
> around.  The challenge would be to create something that 
> would work across different debugger implementations.  
> Unfortunately the breakpoint filtering implementation we have 
> in our product is almost as bad as CDTs so I don't think it 
> would make sense to contribute it.  But we'd be happy to 
> support the effort if someone else has time to look at it.

I believe that the problem up to now has been not having 
enough momentum to convince contributing companies to invest
the necessary time.  

TI has a solution that makes use of the new Flex Hierarchy 
breakpoints view and I believe they would like to see it 
in CDT (or even platform).  

Tensilica also has some work done on that front.
And I believe Freescale as well. 

Maybe by showing clear commitment to make this happen, we 
can convince others (read: their managers :-)) to allocate 
some time to this.

> > 	Another important feature is to be able to set 
> > breakpoint attributes _before_ actually planting the breakpoint.
> Yes, I've mentioned this in one of the bugs I created: 
>  We do 
> have this feature in our product and we'd look to contribute it here.

I didn't see it explicitly mentioned (I guess point 2 of the bug kind
of points to it), but I'm glad that is part of the planned contribution.


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