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Re: [cdt-dev] Exact purpose of CDT_SOURCE and CDT_OUTPUT pathentries ?

On Saturday 01 October 2011, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently the maintainer of the Eclipse CDT project file generator in
> CMake. I.e. CMake can generate for any cmake-based project simple Makefile-
> based projects, or Visual Studio projects, XCode projects, CodeBlocks
> projects and also Eclipse CDT projects.
> Now I need some help.
> I was looking for a documentation of the .cproject file format, but didn't
> find one.
> The CDT reference manual helps somewhat:
> Freference%2Fapi%2Forg%2Feclipse%2Fcdt%2Fcore%2Fmodel%2FIPathEntry.html
> So, what I'd like to know what the purpose of the CDT_SOURCE and CDT_OUTPUT
> pathentry's in the .cproject file are exactly, i.e. at which point and for
> which actions they are used.
> AFAIK CDT_SOURCE must be related to the indexer.
> So, which directories should I add as CDT_SOURCE ?
> All directories which contain source files which will be compiled ?
> Or all directories which contain targets which will be built (this can
> differ from above, since targets can also use source files from other
> directories). And, if I forget to add some directories, which negative
> effect will this have ?
> And the same for CDT_OUTPUT.
> What is this used for ?

To give a bit more context.
The Eclipse-project generator in CMake makes it possible to directly create a 
cdt-project from any cmake-based project, and import that directly into 
It does that by writing a .project and a .cproject file, based on the contents 
of the CMakeLists.txt of the project.
In order to provide the best possible user experience for developers using 
cmake-based projects with Eclipse, the project generator in CMake needs to 
produce as complete and correct cdt project files as possible.

What it already does is it puts the complete include directories of the 
project, including the built-in include directories of gcc into the project 
files, also the built-in macros from the compiler.

This makes autocompletion and highlighting, including #ifdefs, work.

Now, we have some bugs in the cmake bug tracker where users say that the 
Eclipse source indexer does not work properly with the project files generated 
by CMake.

I suspect that this might be related to not setting the "src" pathentry 

That's why it would be nice if you could provide some information on how this 
entry is used, and which directories should be listed as "src" pathentries.


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